Private and group tours provide guests with the opportunity to meet our two new cougars. For details, contact us at
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We offer educational opportunities for people of all ages. We focus on topics from the daily care and feeding requirements to conservation and habitat protection.
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MagicAnimazonia Wildlife Foundation provides a permanent home for big cats rescued from threatening conditions in captivity or displaced from the wild. We offer educational programs to build public understanding of big cats and their natural place in our world.


BeautyDid you know?
There are an estimated 15,000 big cats kept captive in
America and only a small percentage of them are in accredited zoos and care facilities.

VolunteersSince 1987, AWF has survived and thrived, powered by volunteers who do it all – from the daily animal care to continual fundraising. No paid employees means that your contribution goes directly to the care of the animals.  


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