TIME  help with gardening, clean up, mailings, research and newsletter articles

MONEY  sponsor a cat or donate to support our daily expenses

PROJECTS  seasonal planting, repair cat homes and enclosures

NETWORKING  bring friends and family to our fundraising tours.  Spread the word.

SKILLS  carpentry, plumbing, landscaping input, painting, handyman repairs, photography, irrigation

CONTACTS Connect us to organizations who donate to animal causes.

USEFUL DONATIONS trees and plants, catering, garden and power tools, outdoor furniture and spectator benches, vinyl horse fencing, guest housing

FUNDRAISING procure unique silent auction and raffle items

Grantwriting can you help us write grants for additional funding?

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Animazonia Wildlife Foundation. Volunteers are essential and valued here because Animazonia is run entirely by volunteers. By choosing to join us, you will participate in creating an environment of respect and responsibility toward the animals in our care.

Many things need to be done to ensure that the animals receive excellent care and have an environment in which to thrive. Our regular volunteers provide daily feedings and cleaning, but there is so much more to do.

Every year we renew our licenses with both the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the California Department of Fish and Game. The standards for licensing are high and the regular volunteers work with new volunteers to maintain them.

We are always ready for surprise and scheduled inspections. Being prepared requires us to:

    • Sanitize and sterilize all the refrigerators, freezer
    • Clean, maintain and repair the animal enclosures, houses, and transport enclosures
    • Monitor medicines, supplements and food for expiration dates
    • And much more

Additional projects for volunteers include:

    • Design and implement enrichment activities for each cat
    • Enhance and maintain the Animazonia grounds and facilities
    • Prepare for and participate in fundraising events and other AWF activities

Your involvement in these outside projects helps us provide a beautiful environment for the animals and our guests. Some tasks are less glamorous than others, but everything you do, no matter how small, supports the animals.


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